Three Feet acquires Swedish Eco

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Three Feet acquired the online organic clothing store Swedish Eco with the ambition to make a difference in fashion industry and how we as humans consume fashion today!

Swedish Eco started out in Gothenburg, Sweden to sell premium organic underwear. As Three Feet took over the brand in late July 2018 we now aim to expand the product range and as well reach out to new markets.

If you are interested in fashion industry and want to join our journey with Swedish Eco, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.


To read more about Swedish Eco – have a look at the webpage.


Swedish Eco

Swedish Eco

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  • Stein-Erik Val skriver:


    Vi har nylig overtatt bolaget Konfeksjonsagenten i Borås AB. I dag selger de for det meste Jumpsuit på sin webside Vi ser etter flera produkter for å selge på denne siden. Swedish Eco ser ut til å være spennende produkt som vil passe godt inn hos oss. Kan dette være av interesse for dere?

    Ser frem til en positiv tilbakemelding!

    Stein-Erik Val

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