We are driven by ideas, turning ideas into reality

We live in a time and world of change and we love it. Everything is possible and we seriously believe that we can create a better world to live in. Everyday we challenge each other, we laugh, we question, we dare, we help, we try, we fail, we discover, we learn and we do. We do things! Welcome to our journey!

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There is so many fantastic ideas in the world, that we couldn’t just choose one. That’s why we started Three Feet Family, a community and a environment where ideas and opportunities can grow and be developed. We run a few brands ourselves, sometimes we invest in others and sometimes we create new joint ventures from ideas we believe in. Whatever we do, we do it because we believe in the idea, project, initiative and of course the people behind it.

Vi ger liv åt dina idéer

Past - Present - Future

We belive in having a foot in each epoch. One in the past to learn from what has been, one in the present to act upon what is happening today and the last foot in the future to understand what will come tomorrow. The most important is of course to understand how you can combine all these three to become even more sucessful tomorrow then today.


Our thoughts

September 25, 2018 in Ventures

Three Feet acquires Swedish Eco

Three Feet acquired the online organic clothing store Swedish Eco with the ambition to make a difference in fashion industry…

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